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Night Vision Optics for Rifles

It was not so long ago when night vision technology was reserved strictly for military use, but now this equipment is readily available for purchase by the general public, and it is more affordable than most people believe. At High Tech Red Neck, we strive to bring you the latest night scopes at the lowest prices, a simple ordering system, fast delivery, free shipping options, and an easy layaway plan.

All of our products are geared toward hunters and sportsmen who want to use the most advanced technology available to give them an edge in hunting wary predators and hogs at night. As nearly everyone knows, it is much more difficult to hunt at night with a conventional light, but with a night vision scope for your rifle, you can add hours onto the time you can spend in the field. As you will see from browsing our website, we do not carry as large of a variety of NV optics as other dealers. The primary reason is that we field test each and every unit that we sell to ensure that it will perform up to the demanding expectations of High Tech Red Neck, Inc. and ultimately to you our customers. You can rest assured that any night vision product listed for sale on our pages has been thoroughly tested and has received the High Tech Red Neck, Inc seal of approval.

So whether you're looking to buy a dedicated night vision scope or a monocular adapter to extend the night time capability of your current day scope, High Tech Red Neck, Inc is the expert resource in night-hunting hardware.

Sweetwater Howler Dan Thompson Calls - Red Desert Howler
Our Price: $25.95
Our Price: $29.95
Look at the fine craftsmanship built into Dan Thompson Calls ! Look at the fine craftsmanship built into Dan Thompson Calls !
Like it's Big Brother; The Red Desert Howler, the Sweetwater Howler makes all Rabbit distress sounds/cries Coyote vocalizations, Elk bugle, Deer grunt, Sand Hill Crane calls, and Duck calls at a HIGHER PITCH! Great for Coyote, Fox, Bear and all other predators. This call has been the demise of many a Wyoming Bull Elk - it makes an awesome Elk Bugle!  Quality wood construction shows true craftsmanship.  Approx 5 1/2 inch megaphone. 8 1/4" inches in overall length. Makes all rabbit distress sounds/cries, coyote vocalizations, elk bugle, deer grunt, sand hill crane calls, and duck calls!
High Tech Red Neck T-20 IR 940nm - Super Covert External Infrared Attachment Kit for ITT PVS 14/6015 and MX-160
Our Price: $189.95
Our Price: $264.90
High Tech Red Neck T-20 IR 940nm - Super Covert External Infrared Attachment Kit for ITT PVS 14, 6015, and Sight Owl
One of the most powerful and super covert LED powered infrared (IR) devices on the market today !!!! Significantly extend the range of your monocular on cloudy moonless nights with this kit from High Tech Red Neck !
High Tech Red Neck Signature Series Scopes - New ITT PVS 14 Pinnacle Platform with Grade A Hand Select Tube Pulsar Digisight Model N770
Our Price: $3,949.95
Our Price: $1,999.97
Pulsar Digisight Model N770
High Tech Red Neck Signature Series Scopes utilizing the New ITT NIGHT ENFORCER® NEPVS-14 PINNACLE® Platform with the Jackrabbit Quick Attach II Day/Night Riflescope Adapter. Pulsar has come through with some of the finest digital night vision riflescopes available in the market.  Check out the Digisight N770's most cherished features including fixed power of 4.5x with digital zoom of 1.5x (6/8x optical), reticle color inversion capability, built-in eye-safe laser with 3 power ranges, one shot zeroing, video output to record your hunts!  High Tech Red Neck says "This unit offers ultimate stealth thanks to its 915nm undetectable built-in IR device"

Today's Super Deal!

used cheap pvs 14

Our Price: $2,449.95
Pre-owned ITT PVS-14
On a limited budget ? Try one of these high quality pre-owned PVS-14's sponsored by High Tech Red Neck.

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High Tech Red Necks Combo Pack - Night Vision Predator Hunting DVDs
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High Tech Red Neck T-20 IR 850nm
Our Price: $189.95
High Tech Red Neck MX160 Monoculars
Our Price: $2,499.95
High Tech Red Neck MX160 Signature Series Scopes
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