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Our company was primarily created to introduce you to the magical world of night vision and its application for activities commonly being exercised by the sportsman(hunter/fisherman/boater). However, we also know night vision very well, and can serve the needs of law enforcement and the general "High Tech Red Neck" that.......well just likes new and exciting toys ! So if you're interested in night vision but were afraid to take that initial plunge......buy one of our inexpensive DVDs and unlock the mysteries.
BEWARE - Viewing our DVDs can be addictive to the passionate predator hunter !
Our founder Kevin Wort aka "High-Tech Red-Neck" has been passionately pursuing predators since calling in his first coyote using a PS Olt mouth blown call in 1975. The vision of a lone coyote anxiously coming to the call down a frozen snow covered creek in Brown County, IL created Kevin's "addiction" that many other predator hunters are blessed with ! Over the years, Kevin learned that the most productive calling sets were usually within that "magical" half hour before sunrise and sunset. Predators, being nocturnal by nature, just naturally tended to be most active during the twilight and night time hours. To extend this "magical" hunting period, Kevin began experimenting with red filtered conventional spot lights but found that many times predators would shy away from such setups. Even when predators did respond, all Kevin could see was the glow of red eyes coming to the call. Were these deer, coyotes, foxes, bobcats, house cats, dogs, humans, etc, etc ? Sending a 12 gage blast or a 220 Swift into the apparent predator......well there just had to be a better way. And that way was Night Vision !!
Kevin began experimenting with Night Vision technology for pursuing his passion in 2005 with the purchase of a new ITT PVS-14 and a universal rifle scope mounting device. Since most night vision accessories were designed for military applications, Kevin proceeded to make significant modifications to the mounting device so it would accomodate a standard bolt action sporting rifle. Other accessories were created to allow for quick attachment and focusing so only one night vision device would be needed to pursue night time predator action. The result is the High Tech Red Neck Day/Night Scope Mount, and the Signature Series Night Vision Scopes from High Tech Red Neck. So take that "plunge" with confidence knowing that you have the experience and integrity of the old High Tech Red Neck himself !
Thanks in Advance for your Business !!

High Tech Red Neck