We pay fair prices for your Pre-Owned PVS-14 or 6015 !! All you need to do is to follow the simple process below.
Send your email with attached photos to hightechredneckinc@gmail.com, type PVS-14 Bid Request as the subject matter of your email.
In your email please:
  1. Tell us where or how you originally acquired your PVS-14 or 6015.
  2. Tell us approximately how many hours you have used your device.
  3. Tell us about any defects that you are aware of.
  4. Provide us with your name, address, phone number where you can be reached, and an email address (if different from the one used in this process).
  5. Provide us with 4 close-up snapshots of your PVS-14. Please remove the daylight lens cover and the rear eyecup. Provide a snapshot of a 45 degree diagonal front view, a 45 degree diagonal rear view, a top view, and a live tube shot. The live tube shot should be of any dark object against a light background. If you need assistance with the live tube shot please email us as outlined above or call us at 309-322-6142.

Once we receive your email we will review your responses and photos and contact you by phone or email with our bid for your device. Once you receive our bid, you can accept it, name your own price, or reject it entirely. If you accept our bid, you must first ship the device to us at High Tech Red Neck, RR1, Box 16F, Rushville, IL 62681. After we inspect your PVS-14 and verify that it is the same unit as described in your email, we will pay you our bid price and reimburse you for shipping and insurance.

We reserve the right to accept or reject your device for any reasonable reason after we inspect it. If we reject your device, we will ship it back to you at our cost, however, we will not reimburse you for your cost to ship it to us. To avoid this from occuring, it is imperative that you be honest and open about your device. To date we have never had to return a device using our pre-review process. This is a testament to the quality of customers that we routinely do business with !
We currently use a 3 grade system for pricing pre-owned PVS-14s. Grade A units bring the best prices, and are typically characteristic of only a few small intensifier tube blemishes, low hours, and limited external surface imperfections. Grade B devices have many small blemishes, or a single large blemish on the intensifier tube with limited external surface imperfections. We currently do not purchase or deal in Grade C PVS-14s. These are characteristic of numerous small blemishes, multiple large blemishes, and/or obvious surface defects indicating abuse of the device.
We do not deal in stolen goods, or in goods located outside of the USA. If we suspect in any way that your device has been stolen, or you are deceptive in answering our inquiries, we will promptly notify the appropriate authorities. We run a highly reputable business and take pride in offering only high quality new and used PVS-14s for our customers. You can rest assured that any purchase or sales activity conducted on this website will be completed with the utmost integrity and safety.
Thanks in advance for your Business !

High Tech Red Neck