Hunter’s Corner
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I was 30 minutes into a set and just about ready to pack up. I stood up to scan the area with my MX-160 and saw movement 500 yards out. I sat down quickly and turned my e caller on and waited for the coyote to come in. I was watching the down wind side when I turned to see a coyote standing directly over my caller 40 yards from me and another one moving in fast. I quickly transitioned the MX-160 to my rifle scope and dropped the one closest to the caller. It should have been a double but I missed the shot on the second coyote. My only regret is not buying the MX-160 last year when I found them online.

Wes Kimler, Illinois

Just wanted to drop you a note on the MX-160 I recently purchased. Last night was the first try in the dark. I've got to say I could not be more impressed with the unit. It performed beyond expectations. Truly everything you said it was. This 34 lb male was shot at 200 yards. I was pleasantly surprised at the clear definition at that distance, and beyond. Thanks for all your help getting this set up right.

Ray Zak, Illinois

Hey Kevin,

Thought you would like to hear... Got my first yote last night with my .223 topped off with the NV. On a clear night with near full moon, it was ridiculous how well I could see at 100 yds thru 6x on the Nikon. No IR needed whatsoever. The song doggies just don't stand a chance now. Attached is a pic of the unlucky pup. Edge of the woods in the background is where he stood at 95 yds out. This is actually the second blood I drew with the PVS-14. (took a grey with the .300 blk last week in same spot). Thanks again for your excellent service.

Good luck in the dark,
Doug Elkins, New Hampshire

Got this 300 plus pound Texas hog using the High Tech Red Neck Signature Series PVS 14 at 75 yards with an single shot to the head. I cannot believe the clarity of these tubes even when looking through a rifle scope. This hog was shot with my Ruger American Rifle in .243 Winchester with a Redfield Revolution rifle scope. We got other hogs on the trip to but this one was by far the largest. Its easy to tell apart hogs, skunks, deer, cows and other animals with the Gen 3, something I couldn't do past 50 yards with my old Gen 1 monocular. Thanks again for selling such a quality product and standing behind it.

John Stevko, New York

Hi Kevin had to share this with you. This is the first year using the MX-160 and am loving it. I went out two nights ago by myself. Mating season is just getting started. When I started calling it wasn't 5 minutes and I saw the first coyote heading across the field to me. There was about 4 inches of snow on the ground and the MX-160 made it almost too easy to spot him coming to me. After I shot that yote, I kept calling. It wasn't just a few more minutes and I spotted the other one on a dead run coming from behind me. I felt if I was just using a normal red light to spot, I would of never had a chance at this one. As you can see the MX-160 did it's job.

Reece Bend, Illinois

First night with the night vision was a success

Cade Boyter, Milford, UT


As you know the three of us pictured here have all purchased your products. I was contacted by the owner of a Quality Whitetail Management Area, who was concerned about the number of coyotes he and his guests had been seeing. Further, a neighboring cattle farm too was having predation problems as well. It certainly appeared so after the interviews and recon of the farms......their concerns were well founded. I put a plan together that would rely on some very talented shooters that could see in the dark. Saturday night was just perfect weather conditions for us. The number of animals that had taken up residence here was staggering. The three of us were able to shoot 15 coyotes in one night. Significant numbers in this part of the country to say the least. At least 3 males topped the scales at over 40 lbs. along with some very mature females. We would not have been able to accomplish this task, or help these people, without your products. As usual, the units performed flawlessly. Just wanted to say thanks, I'm sure there will be a bunch of fawns and calves grateful to you as well.

Ray Zak, IL
Editor Comment - Ray, Dave and Doug all use our High Tech Red Neck Signature Series Scopes platformed on the MX-160 Alpha Wolf monocular.

Kevin, Thanks again for the early Christmas present. I received my new MX-160 on the 24th and love it. I took it out last night and first set called and took a big male coyote and the second, called and took a gray fox third was a dud but I won't fault the NV for that. Thanks again Kevin for all your help and the fast service.

Rob Krueger, Wisconsin

After quite a few close encounters and a lot of messed up stands, my dad and I finally got one in front of us for a shot. Thanks Kevin for sending out my Armasight Vampire starter pack so quickly. After I got my set-ups adjusted a little different for night calling, my dad and I got this female to come in and investigate. She got a free ride in the pick-up!

SE Iowa

The first night that I got to use my new High Tech Red Neck Signature Series Scope platformed on the MX-160 started a little slow. First of all, I had to wait a week because of the poor weather. That was brutal, but I made it out on Friday Jan 22nd. We got to the first stand and I realized I had forgotten my chair. Good way to start out! The first two stands were dry runs and then on the third stand we had a shy coyote skirt around us. We got to see him twice, but could not get a shot. I had been sitting on the ground all of these sets. I believe had I been standing, I could have gotten a shot off at that coyote. I remembered Kevin had told me on the night that I made my purchase that he stands or kneels when calling at night. So on the fourth set I tried standing. We had coyotes talking to us, but we figured where they were howling at, they either saw or smelled the truck. To our surprise at about sixteen minutes a lone coyote ran out into the field at approximately 150 yards. Since I was standing this time, I had no problem turning on him to line up the shot. The Jack Rabbit system worked flawlessly, I hooked up my MX-160 and the coyote just stood there. One shot from my 22-250 and my first night out was a success. We had a little snow conver and I did not even have to turn on my IR. I could see him perfectly at 4X on my day scope. All I have to say is, Thank You Kevin! Night hunting just became awesome!

Jason Lane, West Central IL


I just had my best calling night so far. I made three sets last night and called in a pair at each one and ended up with these 5 coyotes. At my second set, I rushed my shot at the male after I took out his girlfriend otherwise there would have been 6 in the picture. We do have a trace of snow on the ground and I might have been able to see without my MX-160 but there's no way I could have seen them as far out as I did or the last pair that came through a 12" high alfalfa field.

Rob Krueger, Wisconsin
Editor Comment - Rob uses our High Tech Red Neck Signature Series Scope platformed on the MX-160 Alpha Wolf monocular.

After struggling for a couple months with hunting coyotes at night I decided to take my limited budget and invest for some NV. Thanks to your videos and help per emails, I ordered my first NV scope (Armasight Vampire). The second time out I was able to connect with my biggest coyote to date, a 40 lb male at 140 yds on a moonless warm North Carolina night. Your products and customer service are top notch and I appreciate what you do for the hunting community.


Cody Mathis, North Carolina

Just wanted to let you know I am having great success with the Armasight Nemesis Quicksilver Gen 2+ scope and the T-20 850nm Illuminator I purchased from you. This particular hunt was interesting as I had just taken a coyote down in the bottom of a pasture near a stand of timber. I decided to walk to the top of the hill and called out on some flat farmland that contained irrigation ditches. After several howls and some scanning, I picked up eyes and made a positive ID on an incoming coyote. I took the shot and anchored this male at 150 paces! I appreciate you taking the time through email and on the phone to help me with my first night vision setup, and look forward to many more successful hunts in the future! Thanks for all the help!

Terry Foust, Illinois

My son and I have been trying to get his first coyote at night while home on break from the Univ. of Iowa. A previous outing had called one in and he couldn't find it in the scope soon enough. He didn't turn on the IR torch, and with no snow and minimal ambient light it can be difficult at times, especially if you're not used to going from the thermal to the NV scope (D740 purchased from HTRN). Well, lightening struck twice. Same thing next time out. Called one in at about 15 minutes and he picked it up on his scanner; alerted me, and transitioned from the thermal to the scope while I kept watching on my thermal (Pulsar HD19A). Coyote was broadside at about 75 yards just standing there and I am waiting for the bang, but as with our first outing the shot never came since he couldn’t find this one either. I think I was more frustrated than him wanting for him to get one. On to the next stand we tried to be as quiet as possible going in and kept scanning up and down the waterway as we approached the set up. This time, I told my son to turn on his new HTRN T-20 Infinity as in the previous set we had not used any IR and that probably contributed to his inability to spot the first coyote. Well, it PAYS to be as quiet as you can. I figured we might be calling for a bit but right at the 3 minute mark I see a coyote coming in about 100 yards from the call! Where it was or came from I have no idea but I alerted my son who this time finds him with the thermal, clicks on the T-20 and swings into position. I whisper "got him" as the coyote is moving slowly towards the decoy with his head down. I am about to woof to stop him as my son says nothing except for the crack of the rifle and the coyote drops……..YES! He's anxiously asking me if he should shoot him again but I say relax he's not moving. Well, I let him sit a couple of minutes as I congratulated him and give the adrenaline a little time to wear off before making sure everything is safe and we go down to claim his prize (walked off 84 paces). What a bonus when we get there. A most unusual colored dark to black coyote. Very cool & great beginners luck! Good size too, going 43 lbs. Extra bonus for me as he got to drag out his prize over rough chiseled ground about 300 yards up hill back to the truck! Great memories!

Keith Boysen, IA

This was my first night vision hunt and so glad I made the switch. Kevin's customer service is second to none with countless phone calls and emails and he has patience to spare. The infinity IR is the only way to go. I've done a lot of shooting at night on range and noticed that if you turn the infinity IR down to about 75% you are as covert as you will ever get with night vision and still be able to see all you need to shoot anything you call in. Also a big shout out to crooked creek custom call (Brian Combs) also a game changer for my success.

John Thompson, Virginia

It was Friday May 4th, 2018 and it was the first night out with my new Bering Optics D760 white phosphors scope. I was hunting wheat crop fields in South Texas for local farmers. As we drove into the field, I immediately scanned with my D760 when a large sounder of feral hogs appeared clearly in my scope about 500-600 yards away. I cut off the truck quickly and made my stalk east towards the hogs. Once I got into range, I positioned my shooting sticks and put the cross-hairs on the largest hog. I quickly opened fire and dropped the first hog and continued to fire as the sounder made a dash for the brush. I recovered 7 total hogs. I was very pleased with the quality and performance of this Bering Optics scope! I want to give a huge thanks to Kevin at High Tech Red Neck, Inc. for working with me to find the best optics for my type of hunting!

Koby Pruski, South Texas

Kevin as you can see, the MX-160 is doing it's job. Great story behind this hunt. Met my hunting buddy in Hardin getting ready to put my stuff in his truck and he says oh crap forgot my thermal. Luckily, we were only about 30 minutes to his house, so we go back and get it (in a hurry now), get loaded, and finally head out to our hunting spot. Once we arrived at our spot, we started getting our stuff out and I don't have my gun! As my buddy is backing out of the hunting spot driveway, he runs into a culvert!! After more lost time getting the truck out, we go back to Hardin, get my gun, come back get set up, start the caller, and he sees a coyote sitting in the woods (with his thermal) about 200 yards out. I can't see him with my night vision, so we are trying to get him to commit with a pup distress call. I just happened to scan over by the caller and spot two coyotes just standing there. I slipped on the MX-160 and by now they are leaving in a hurry. I wasn't going to let them go unmolested, so I tried one running shot and missed (not very good when they are on the move). I have FoxBang on my caller so it goes off on hurt coyote. We start laughing at ourselves, then scan again, and a coyote is standing at the edge of the woods about 180 yards out. I slipped on the MX160 again and easily make the shot. Great hunt!!

Equipment Listing

HTRN MX-160, Coyote Hunter Signature Series Scope
Savage Predator 223
Hornady V-Max 55grn

Nikon Optics

Bog Pod

NV only way to go. Thanks for all your help

Delbert Stumpf, Batchtown, IL