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Thermal Imaging Monoculars & Optics

Thermal imaging devices available through High Tech Red Neck Inc. allow hunters to be able to spot predators, hogs and other animals during a hunt, regardless of how dark it might be. While night vision operates through the amplification of light, thermal imaging devices rely on detection of infrared radiation aka heat signatures which are emitted by all living beings and objects. Thermal imaging technology can be extremely useful to hunters and enthusiasts who are interested in monitoring the movements of prey or other objects of interest during the night.

Thermal imaging devices are capable of spotting warm blooded animals by detecting their heat signatures and displaying the resultant image on the opticís viewfinder. It doesnít matter if youíre stationed in total darkness or in inclement weather (fog, rain, snow); thermal imaging optics are specifically designed to create clearer images, helping hunters, law enforcement, and other enthusiasts to uncover the whereabouts of their specific objects of interest. For example, feral hogs are extremely destructive animals that tend to be more active at night. To remain undetected, they often seek cover behind large bushes, overgrown trees, or in weedy patches. With the use of thermal imaging devices, however, you will often be able to see through the cooler energy of vegetation and right to the thermal energy of the hog.

High Tech Red Neck Inc. carries a wide range of thermal imaging monoculars and thermal imaging optics. To learn more about ordering thermal imaging devices made in the USA, give High Tech Red Neck Inc. a call at 217-212-2072 or email us at today.

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