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Night Vision Scope Attachments, Clip-Ons & Converters

High Tech Red Neck Inc. sells a number of night vision scope attachments that give hunters the advantage of night vison technology without having to wear bulky goggles. Night vision scope clip-ons, converters and other accessories, which were once exclusively reserved for military personnel, are now considered essential tools for hunters and sportsmen alike, ensuring they are capable of making a precision shot in even the earliest hours of the morning or the dead of night.

The night vision scope attachments available through High Tech Red Neck Inc. come in many configurations, making them ideal for a range of different rifles. Our units clip on to the rear of the riflescope to ensure no point of impact (POI) change when converting your firearm to day or night use. Nearly all front mounted units that our competitors offer require re-zeroing your firearm when it is converted for day or night use. Our units also come standard with a firearm stock extender to maintain acceptable eye relief once the night vision unit is attached to the rear of your day scope. And best of all, our clip on units allow the user to quickly attach and detach the night vision optic from the day optic in 3 seconds or less. This feature enables the user to purchase only one night vision optic to perform the dual purpose of scanning and shooting.........a feature not found in any other clip on device on the market today!! From the refurbished tube MX-160 series that is both versatile and inexpensive, to the PVS-14 series that is lightweight with a multitude of innovative features, you will have your choice of high quality night vision scope converters when browsing through our Signature Series selection. If you’re not sure what you want, we can help. We consider ourselves to be experts in night hunting and night vision technology and can help you narrow down your search to find the ideal scope attachments, clip-ons or converters to not only fit your rifle, but your specific needs.

Extend your hunting hours significantly with help from High Tech Red Neck Inc. While other hunters pack up and head home as soon as the sun begins to fade, simply fasten your night vison clip-ons and converters to your rifle and take advantage of the cover of night. Not only will it increase the thrill of the hunt, but you’ll give yourself an even better chance of bagging game, such as feral hogs or wary call-shy predators.

To order night vision scope attachments or to learn more about the converters we currently have in stock, contact High Tech Red Neck Inc. at 217-212-2072 or email us at today.

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