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Predator Hunting Calls & Hunting Gear

While night vision scopes can help immensely in predator hunting, you are best served with a full range of equipment. When using a mountable night vision device, it may become necessary to add a firearm stock extender for comfort and accuracy. Mountable night vision scopes have one drawback in that they extend the total length of the scope, which may cause it to press closely against your eye. Our stock extenders provide two additional inches of space to give you better head positioning and allow for quicker alignment. These extenders easily attach and detach for daytime and nighttime use.

While many hunters prefer mouth animal calls for hunting, electronic wildlife calls are quickly gaining in popularity. One of the greatest benefits of electronic animal hunting calls is that they produce the perfect sound each time they are used, which allows you to focus on other elements of your hunt. In addition, they can be placed away from your position to help keep you hidden. We carry Predator hunting calls, some of the best in the industry. If you’re looking for animal hunting calls online, we’ve got what you need. Don’t buy night hunting equipment from anyone but the experts at High Tech Red Neck. We have the best night hunting gear for sale anywhere!

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