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Trijicon IR Hunter MKII (Two Models to Choose From)
Trijicon IR Hunter MKII (Two Models to Choose From)
The most advanced Thermal Scope on the market today!!
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A bargain price for these state of the art high end specifications!!
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More than 20 years of night vision system design has led Trijicon to the IR-HUNTER® MKII thermal riflescope series. Take advantage of a 640x480 12 micron sensor, Enhanced Target Recognition (ETR), 8x digital electronic zoom, a variable 30 or 60Hz frame-rate system and a MIL Spec digital OLED micro display for crisp, precise imagery that lets you hunt for hours and hours. With similar turret knob controls as your day optic, the IR-HUNTER lets you take your shot with confidence, even in complete darkness.

The Trijicon
IR-HUNTER® MKII has plenty of usable features such as a built in auto-dimmer, image/video capture, edge detect mode, and more. The first and only 12 micron/640 resolution microbolometer on the market today truly produces the most crisp and detailed thermal imagery available for the US consumer in today's market. The 12 micron core processor is lighter in weight and produces a 42% better picture at both native and zoomed magnifications when compared to other competitive units equipped with standard 17 micron sensors. The IR Hunter MKII utilizes a very simple and user friendly 3 turret control system to operate every function making it a very easy system to master for both beginner and expert users alike.

Trijicon IR-HUNTER® MK II also has dynamic reticles which allow for proper ballistic calculations at both native magnification and all the way up through its 8x digital zoom level. The Trijicon IR-HUNTER® MKII is also equipped with a stadiometric reticle which assists greatly in ranging potential targets. The IR Hunter MKII line of thermal weapon sights are designed and built right here in the USA by a company led by industry experts, shooting enthusiasts, and highly skilled technicians that are committed to producing only the highest quality thermal imagery. Check out the Extended Information Tab for a professional pictorial display of this product detail!!

Standard Features

Two (2) models to choose from (select Model Type at checkout)
  • Base Model - Includes a 20mm germanium lens with native magnification of 1.5x, 22 degree FOV, which can be digitally zoomed up to 12x (8x digital zoom).
  • Upgrade Model - Includes a 35mm Germanium lens with native magnification of 2.5x, 12 degree FOV, which can be digitally zoomed up to 20x (8x digital zoom).
MicroIR™ Thermal Core - Thermal imaging does not collect light like image intensification (I2) systems, the most common
night vision technology on the market. Instead, thermal technology captures the heat emitted from objects and persons for superior clarity and detection. Be aware: not all thermal imaging is created equal. Many thermal systems offer 17 micron technology and upscale or downscale their imagery, which creates a significant loss of detail. Trijicon® thermal optics utilize the MicroIR™ thermal core, featuring a 12 micron detector and clean 640x480 imagery at 60 Hz frame rate. High-resolution thermal imagery is an absolute necessity for law enforcement, military personnel, and hunters who want to be absolutely sure of their target prior to the shot. The difference between night vision and thermal imagery is the difference between successful observation and failure. At the heart of the Trijicon IR-HUNTER™ is a MicroIR™ 640x480 12 micron thermal core, which provides users one of the most crisp, detailed images available in a thermal riflescope—and offers a 42% increase in magnification over 17 micron sensors using the same optics.

MaxPol - Six (6) Polarity Levels
Most thermal weapon sights are equipped with only one level of white hot or black hot but have several types of odd ball color pallets that most hunters never use. However, the
Trijicon IR-HUNTER® MKII is designed with 3 levels of white hot, and 3 levels of black hot allowing you to choose the perfect polarity given any weather pattern or hunting environment. Plus, Trijicon offers EDGE DETECT Mode, which is an entirely new way to view your target with more precision. It is a fraction of the brightness of other modes, so your eyes are not as prone to night blindness from the screen.

ETR - Enhanced Target Recognition

Trijicon IR-HUNTER® MKII is also equipped with an extremely advanced technology known as Enhanced Target Recognition. Most thermal systems auto adjust the image contrast and brightness across the entire display screen. This can lead to a significantly washed out and distorted image for a majority of the display area, even around the crosshair. ETR automatically selects the most appropriate area on the display to adjust, leaving you with a crisp and clear image.

Auto Calibration
Scene washout occurs when the horizon has a lot of sky behind the target, resulting in a large difference in temperature. The thermal system has to divide this difference into shades of gray, and there are only so many available. The ETR tells the sensor
to perform its auto calibration within the brackets, which will have a smaller temperature difference to give more detail on the target area.

Edge Detect - Tactical Mode
For military and law enforcement applications and for hunters who want to stay as covert as possible when hunting light shy predators, Trijicon's EDGE DETECT mode allows the display to be dimmed substantially to avoid detection. This feature also reduces night blindness when removing your eye from the display as it is exposed again to darkness. To this end, the Trijicon IR-HUNTER® MKII's advanced feature Edge Detect gives you an entirely different way to view your target, leaving 90% of the screen area black with only the edges of your target outlined in white. This is an extremely useful feature for law enforcement or for hunting environments and is only available on Trijicon IR Hunter series scopes (not found on any other commercially available thermal weapon sights).

Intelligent Reticles
  • TSR – THERMAL SUBTENSION RETICLE - For shooting at extended distances, the TSR reticle provides some basic ranging data for the user. The width for each of the elevation marks is based at 36" wide for the distance readout in yards to the right of the mark. As you zoom in, the reticle works the same as a first focal plane sight where the reticle scales as you zoom. It’s just that easy.
  • TCR – THERMAL COMBAT RETICLE - One of the easiest reticles to use is our TCR Thermal Combat Reticle, which is a simple
    crosshair in the center. The width of the crosshair is always 36 MOA or 36" at 100 yards. Half of the crosshair is 18 MOA, which is the width of a man at 100 yards. If a man-size target is the height of the crosshair, then he will be 200 yards out. As you zoom, the reticle also zooms, so you are always 36 MOA.
  • TDR – THERMAL DOT RETICLE - The IR-HUNTER®, along with other thermal weapon sights, is primarily used at night and with
    lower magnification than standard day optics. Because of this, the engagement ranges at night are much shorter. To maximize clarity and usage in this engagement, the IR-HUNTER uses a DOT reticle system similar to the MII DOT. But instead of each dot representing 1000:1, our system is calibrated at 100:1, so the distance between the dots is 100 yards.
Menu Operation
The Trijicon IR-HUNTER® MKII utilizes a very simple and user friendly 3 turret control system to operate every function making it a very easy system to master for both beginner and expert users alike. The 3 turret controls intuitively operate the menu icons that perfectly correspond to their locations (top turret operates the top menu icons, bottom turret operates bottom icons, etc).
The 8 Level menu options have multiple operations as follows:
Level 1 controls the 3 black and 3 white polarity settings, activates Edge Detect, and digital zoom.
Level 2 controls contrast and Digital Focus Control (DFC).
Level 3 controls calibration and brightness.
Level 4 controls reticle selection.
Level 5 controls windage and elevation adjustments.
Level 6 controls image capture and Enhanced Target Recognition (ETR)
Level 7 controls image views.
Level 8 controls the reticle lock, frame-rate refresh speed (30hz or 60hz), video output, symbol sleep mode, startup settings, battery settings,display auto dimmer, and allows for deletion of captured images.

Protective Lens Window

The germanium lens is the most expensive and costly component used on the
Trijicon IR-HUNTER® MKII, therefore design engineers install a highly trans-missive IR window that protects your germanium lens. The replaceable IR window costs only a fraction of the money needed to replace the entire germanium lens.

Video Output
Trijicon IR-HUNTER® MKII features a video out feature that allows you to record high end video or images.

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