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Night Hunting Accessories & Infrared Illuminators

Night vision scopes, binoculars and monoculars add an entirely new dimension to hunting, fishing and boating. These amazing devices allow you to stay up late into the night without being hindered by darkness and without giving away your position with bright lights. However, you can make these high-tech goggles and scopes even more beneficial by purchasing an assortment of night vision accessories, such as scope lights for night hunting. These night hunting infrared devices and illuminators extend the range and increase the clarity of your night vision device. These night hunting lights can make all the difference between bagging your target and a near-hit.

At High Tech Red Neck, we carry a wide range of replacement accessories, including front objective lens caps and eyecups, and we also have several optional items designed to make your experience the best it can be. One of our most popular products is the one-hand, pinky focus ring. This device slips over your front objective lens so you can focus it quickly and easily. Whether youíre looking for rifle mounted infrared led lights or hands-free head-mount assemblies, HTRN has the top quality products you need for the optimal hunt.

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Front Objective Lens Cap for MX-160 / PVS-14
Our Price: $15.00

Front objective lens cap for the MX-160 or PVS-14 monocular.
High Tech Red Neck T-20 IR Pressure Switch
Our Price: $19.99

Dual purpose pressure switch for the UniqueFire T-20 IR device. User has the option of using a depress and hold switch (for on, release for off) or a standard clicker switch (click release for on, click release for off).
Adjust the ITT PVS-14 focus with just one pinky !
One Hand Pinky Focus Ring
Our Price: $24.95

Slips over the font objective lens giving you the ability to hold the NVD using the same hand to focus (using your pinky) !
A must for every hunter or law enforcement officer exposed to the elements !
ITT Demist Shield
Our Price: $24.95

A must for every hunter or law enforcement officer exposed to the elements !  These demist shields are used to combat fogging of your PVS-14 or 6015 when using in extreme cold environments.
Replacement or Extra Eye Cups for PVS-14 or MX-160
Our Price: $24.99

Replacement or Extra Eye Cups for your PVS-14 or MX-160 Night Vision Monocular.  Please specify Tear Drop or Doughnut style (see item image) when ordering.
Easily slips over your firearm stock adding nearly 2 inches of eye relief !
Firearm Stock Extender
Our Price: $29.95

Slips over your firearm butt stock giving you an additional two (2) inches of eye relief !
Electronic Predator & Wildlife Caller Stand
Our Price: $34.95

Get your electronic caller up off the ground and increase both remote reception as well as sound range.  Will actually increase remote range in excess of 50% in most cases !
External Infrared mounting device for ITT PVS 14, ITT 6015, MX-160, Sight Owl Monoculars
Our Price: $54.95

Significantly extends the range of your monocular on cloudy moonless nights !
Fits the PVS-14, 6015, High Tech Red Neck MX-160 (all models) and Sight Owl (all models)
Hands Free Headmount Assembly (Pre-Owned)
Our Price: $54.95

Save a few more dollars with this high quality Pre-owned Halo Headmount Assembly
Easily slips over the front objective lens of you monocular night vision device.
Night Vision Magnetic Compass Assembly
Our Price: $54.95

Fits over the front objective of your PVS 14, 6015, High Tech Red Neck MX-160 (all models) and Sight Owl (all models) allowing you to check your directional reading.